Saturday, August 29, 2009

May 09- something to remember!

26th May - b'day aku. Love sent these roses to school. The roses were nicely arranged in a pot plus the cutie little bears! Plg cute- 1 of the teachers tnya - ' from who?' Jokingly aku jwp- 'my boyfren'. Merah padam muka dia & innocently dia kata "oh! sorry tat i asked! it's really nice..." Ahaks! Dan2 tu aku buat pembetulan- 'no lah, from my hubby.." baru nampak ok sket dia!!! He he he... terlupa lak aku yg skrng ni aku dikelilingi oleh 'warga2 pendidik'!! Boley...????

Thanks beb! It's really lovely....

Haa... masa cuti sek bln May ari tu, aku & misha buat projek. Ktorg buat 1set of teaching aids utk bebudak smart reader. It was meant for the 4 yrs old kids- utk Lvel 1 derang. I was so pround of my lil' girl coz dia patiently assisted me to draw, color & cut the materials. We were at the centre from 10.00 am to abt 4.30pm. Thanks kakak for helping mommy, ya!

She drew this butterfly & colored it. I didn't snap a pic of the completed set but it was beautiful & very colorful!

Misha tgh tekun melukis!

Thanks sweetheart!! Love u!
OK bebs-till the next postings. Chiow !!


  1. hehehehe kak long masih tak sudah ngan kisah bakul hospital dia tu!

    Very nice Fid! best nyer you ada assistant who is creative!

  2. awat?? awat?? saper msk sepital?

  3. liz dapat bunga dalam bakul...complaint banyak terus tak dapat bunga lagi...lariiiii