Friday, June 11, 2010

A decade- Ceriter kiter!

Smthing triggered me to write, lps aku snap gambar these shoes. On the left- misha's & mine is the other one. If u look at the size- i guess u wld hve never tot that the left one belongs to her!!! Yup... she has grown up to the extend tat both of us could bertukar2 kasut!!!????
10 yrs ago- she's ths lil' girl sitting on my lap, giggling all the way if she had what she wanted! Needlees to say that she's 1 'hyper' lil' girl- alwiz moving around & too active. Fondly known to my HLA geng ronggeng as 'si pop corn'!

Mmm... ni taken right after my confnment- the 45th day. Beb.. was tat u??? Where's 'the atuk buncit's tummy'???? ha ha haaaa... again, those were the days.. back then when...(u may fill up the blank! wa ka kaaaa)

I lurve ths pic! She stayed long enough until she saw the flash..mmm... just to make sure tat her photo was taken! Ni mesti ikut perangai geng2 ratu posing- mak nyang, mak ado & an!

Ni her first pair of shoes! A decade down the road... she's already exchanging shoes wit me???Arrrrrr.... lariiiiii......!!!!!

Aku suke sgt meng 'girlie' kan dia! Ko nampak x the cute hair clips kat rambut dia tu? Usually, mende2 ni last abt 2 hours on her head, before she decided to make them into 1 of her 'throw-around- the house' toys!! Tensen jer aku... x per, besok2 aku beli lg! chair, stroller, etc .. x penah able to 'take care' of her for more than 45 mins! Yg ni taken kat Mc D- Genting.

Ths one taken when she was abt 2 yrs. Masa ni dia dah pantang nmpak mende2 yg ada button. Siap lah dia kan press sesuka ati dia!

hah.... first day to Smart Reader. She was so excited, mlm tu she talked smpi aku mls dah nk layan. Aky tnya biler nk tido ni? Dia jwp-' x leh tido, nti lmbt g smart reader!!!'

Her last concert kat Smart Reader in 2006. Menari joget lgu P Ramlee- 'pukul lah tabuk... pukul rebana...!!!!'

Yg ni her first flight. Tgh tgu plane nk g Langkwi jer! As usual aku risau... wht if dia takut?! End up nya- before take off, naik ler si Tony Fernandes (blm Dato' lg masa tu!) kat flight ktorng. Sajer ler nak beramah mesra.. ye lah Air Asia br lg masa tuh! Promo bagai! Misha make sure that dia dpt shake hand ngn Tony. Lepas tu- she was smiling all the way!
Posing lg!
Cls photo- std 1. She's in the front row, 3rd from the right. Aku ingt lg masa 1st PTM, aku br nk smpi kelas dia... dah dngr cikgu jerit 'Mishaaaaaaa' nk patah balik jer!!! he he heeee..Alhamdulillah...she's a Pengawas Pusat Sumber for the past 2 years! At least, adalah jugak leadership training utk dia!

Hmm... ni scan 2nd bby aku. Taken on 26th may (my b-day). Tat was a happy day. Misha was smiling from ear to ear dpt tgk soon-to-be adik dia pnya heartbeat. The next day???? Yup... never be too hopeful on smth! Learnt my lesson the hard way! X per.. x der rezki!

Ni our recent trip to Dsnylnd-HK. Goshhh... she's abt my height already!

Now dia dah ader geng bowling sendri! Akif, Afiq, Adam & Aliff. Soon- Afiy will be joining the list! In 2 years time I guess!!!
Back then.... Daddy's little girl!
Now??? She still is!!!!!

Beb... i lurve that pair u're wearing!!!! Nak pinjammmmmmm!!!!!
Just the 3 of us! Where, How, What etc etc... will we be in another 10 years time?
Que sera sera!!!
Till the next posting beb, Chiows!!!


  1. speeechlesss terharu jap baca posting ni..rasa cpt nye masa berlalukan.....
    x sabar nk tunggu 10 years akan dtg..tgk camna perkembangan misha n anak2? then what happen to us to...ishhh seram pun ade...dah tuoooo...oo tidak !! agak2 ade x diorang wat posting camni tuk kita2 nanti..hua hua hua ckp tersentuhhh..upss terlebih sudahhh

  2. Today is 18th July 2011 & we have a new family member with us!!! Tasha Effida Ez-zahra. Borned on 8th July 2011. Alhamdulillah..syukur Ya Allah atas kurniaan Mu yg x terhingga!!