Saturday, March 21, 2009

3rd generation!

Semewhere early this month.. kami dapat the 1st of d' 3rd generation in my hubby's fmly! Nur Amalin.. a very cute lil' girl ..
So here's the 3 generations caught in 1 kodak moment!! the brides are the uncle & aunt for Amalin, whilst the one in baju belang2 tue is the ATUK/ TOK AKI/ TOK WAN etc...Ahaks!!
Aku??? Well... spent about 20 mins with the lil' one when her ummi wanted to take a shower ptg kenduri tuh... Carried her, dodoi2 sket, lambung2 sket.... & finally I said to her ' Hi there Amalin.. this is your Tok Mommy! Nice to meet you beb! U've got a long way to go.. so keep rockin' !!!"


  1. Tok mommy??? I chop tok daddy la.

  2. i wld suggest tokmy and tokdy wahahaha!

  3. hahahaha ToKi boleh? Amalin panggil misha apa? Aunty Vogue?

  4. kah kah kah ...kelassss gelaran2 korang!